Monday, May 29, 2006

Musing #1

Wise people from a myriad of locations around the world have stirred my mind and challenged my thinking. What made it possible? Blogs.

Is it possible that the ramblings of a 44 year old minister/musician can add anything positive to the mix? Who knows until I jump in?

Isn't it strange how we identify ourselves? The thread connecting what I do (ministry) and what I love (music) has become a diagnosis made 2 years ago -- multiple sclerosis.

It really is not my plan to make this a whining blog...but others of you out there who deal with MS will understand how it is always present...sometimes hiding around the corner and sometimes jumping in your face.

Sometimes I'll share some nugget of insight from my studies. Sometimes I'll ramble about the day. Sometimes I might review a book. Who knows?

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