Friday, April 20, 2007

This was the look on my face... I listened to AG Gonzales' testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was a perplexing performance! It's hard to describe how frightening it is to have our nation's Justice Department in the hands of such a buffoon. I was rewarded with all of the expected "I don't recall, Senator" lines.

But the two highlights for me were when he picked a fight with Arlen Spector, the ranking minority member, A REPUBLICAN! The second was when Senator Coburn said he should resign for the same reasons Gonzales claimed he asked some US Attorneys to resign...mismanagement and bad judgement.

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Cecdaddy said...

I haven't followed all that is going on to be knowledgable about it, but I did notice a news report on this that showed a man in the audience with a ledger on his chest for "I do not recall," and it was large. Gave my wife a good laugh! I think that is the regular script for lots of those types of proceedings, regardless the person or party in the "hot seat."