Friday, August 31, 2007

Poor Tony Snow

White House press secretary Tony Snow announced today that he is leaving his post on September 14. Why? Not his cancer battle...not to "spend more time with the family"... but because his $168,000 per year salary isn't enough money. Poor Tony.

There are a few thousand people living within blocks of the White House who go to work every day...sometimes to two jobs, that might earn $168,000 in six or eight years of work, without health insurance.

Snow has defended an adminstration that seems oblivious to the reality that the majority of Americans face. The median household income in 2005 was $46,000. If more than 3.5 times that amount is not enough, how do these guys think the rest of us make it?


Brett said...

Yeah. Alex and I were just commenting this morning that we can so how terribly difficult it must be for him, but we'd be willing to try $168000/yr. I personally think I'd make a great replacement as Bush's press secretary, or I'd feel comfortable with you in that position!

Alex said...

Charles for Press Secretary!!

Charles R. said...

Actually, I think Dana Perino is going to be quite entertaining. YouTube will be filled with her special little "parse snips".