Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kidney Stone Dots

* A kidney stone hurts...ALOT!

* My insurance company pays for lithotripsy to break up kidney stones 7mm and larger.

* My kidney stone is 6mm. I've gotta pass it as is.

* I have a watermelon I'd like to shove up the nose of the guy at the insurance company. I wonder if he'd like me to break it up into smaller pieces before I begin?

* I'd rather have a kidney stone than hear about OJ's latest caper on the news. Oh goody...I get to do both. Well...at least I can change the channel on OJ.


Brett said...

Are you kidding me, one lousy millimeter?!!

Well, maybe a watermelon is too big, you know, analogous to 7mm. So maybe you should just use a honeydew. That's smaller and won't really hurt.

Charles R. said...

One lousy millimeter! So I asked, "What's one millimeter between friends?"

It soon became evident there are no friendships in the health insurance industry.

Preacher Mom said...

So, how long can these things stick around? I know you have to be miserable!

As for the insurance folks - what goes around, comes around. Or so we can hope!

Charles R. said...

They move when the spirit says move! Otherwise...

Morris said...


I can relate to your pain. I've had 3 major bouts with kidney stones. The first stone I carried around for a few months before passing it. The second bout landed me in the hospital the day before I was supposed to lead worship at the NC Youth-Adult Music week. I lost 20 pounds in 4 days (there are better ways to lose weight, and that's the only thing positive that came about as a result of that stone episode). I had lithotripsy last January for the third one, fragments of which still reside in my kidney.

You are in my prayers, my friend.