Friday, February 01, 2008

New Friends

I spent time yesterday in a meeting with other self help group leaders for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National MS Society. Since I'm a rookie in the effort, it's the first opportunity I've had to be with other leaders. Some of these folks have YEARS of experience in group participation and leadership. They deserve high commendation for their devotion to others who live life with MS. It was invigorating to soak up their practical knowledge and unique wisdom.

Some, like me, motored into and about the room carefully and sometimes tentatively on their own two legs. Others were there on the power of electric scooters or chairs. The one who got up the earliest and spent more time on the road to attend was in chair that was powered only by her enthusiasm and her devoted husband/caregiver.

In a meeting moderated by the two saints who run the South Carlina office of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, we pooled our passion, employed our experience (wide and varied), commingled our concerns and synthesized our insight to meet and overcome obstacles to effective service to and with others with MS.

I look forward to future opportunites to be with these new friends!

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