Friday, May 09, 2008

There's a Sermon in That...

Michael Spencer, Internetmonk, started a series this week entitled The Jesus-Shaped Question. His first three articles are as follows:
The Jesus-Shaped Question: Are Christians Like Jesus?
The Jesus-Shaped Question: What Was Jesus Like?
The Jesus-Shaped Question: Can We Know What Jesus Was Like?

I don't normally review comments. Because of the effects of MS on my eyes things are easier for me to read on the printed page and I rarely use the paper or ink to print more than just the articles. When printing What Was Jesus Like?, I failed to omit the pages past the conclusion Michael's writing. I'm glad I did. Comment #20 written by someone calling himself Dunker Eric asks:

Did Jesus die on the cross so it would be okay for us to be just like the Pharisee's except that we believe in Him?

The clarity and directness of Dunker Eric's question cuts to the heart. What are we preaching? Sin management or discipleship?

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