Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thinking About a Friend's Observation

I've got a buddy from seminary who lives and ministers in a town and a church situation similar to my own. I keep an eye on what rattles his cage over at Momo's Musings.

It has amused me in the past that, though he links to Blog Itch, he does so with a bit of a caveat.

Momo's most recent musing is around the existence of his blog. A line or two around the content of Blog Itch, along with the fact that his caveat is more pronounced, has caused me to go back and review my posts.

Even before I read Momo's post, I have found myself wondering why I've felt so driven to post more on politics than anything else lately. Of course, I've enjoyed observing the push and pull of political ideas since the Carter/Reagan years so this year just continues that little avocation of mine. Some might be surprised that I was a McCain supporter in 2000. Yeah! Even over Gore! I'll give you a minute to get over the shock. That said, I don't believe the McCain of 2000 would vote for the McCain of 2008 or vice versa. The differences between the two candidacies are stunning to me.

I've been reviewing the archive and reflecting over the content with a large, regularly refilled, mug of hot, black coffee this morning. Here is my evaluation:

Seven of the 41 posts to date in July relate to things other than politics or policy.

* Our Youth at MFuge
* A Musical Score for Disease
* Church Leaders: Don't Miss this Web Article
* Litany/Call to Worship for This Sunday
* A Classic IMonk Quote: On Consumer Christianity
* Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection
* This Guy Must Have Peeking In Our Windows

I think it's worth asking if the other 34 posts have anything in common within the broad scope of politics and policy.

Let's eliminate the four jabs at McCain as a canditate:
* McCain Needs a Map: There is No 'Iraq-Pakistan Bor...
* John McCain Still Can't "Get Online" By Himself
* Hypocritical: McCain Blasts Congress For Taking A ...
* McCain promises to balance budget -- in 4 years!

Let's omit the four posts of political ads and/or speech excerpts:
* Jousting
* He Finally Said Something I Agree With...
* DNC Web Ad on McCain and Iraq
* Check Out This New Radio Spot

Let's set aside the post involving media process:
* McCain’s Victory Dividend

If I count right, and I can't swear that I have despite the excellent coffee I'm enjoying, we are left with 25 posts. Is there a common theme?

Though the context is certainly American party politics, the common theme is not American party politics. The common theme is justice.

If Bush administration and McCain campaign of 2008 policies were being pursued by members of the Democratic Party, I would be equally appalled. It's not about "my team" winning. It's simply about this. In order to preserve "truth, justice and the American way," our government is throwing all three out the window.

I guess my evaluation is this: I think I am posting about theology.

Two of the most prominent words on the gospels are "Fear not!" But we say, "You don't live in 21st century America, God! We have a lot to fear! So much so that we ignore your Son's example. We'll do whatever it takes to 'protect' ourselves, even start living like 'goats' so that I can live to call ourselves Your sheep."

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