Monday, January 29, 2007

Who Would Jesus Deport?

"The Bible is an immigration handbook. 'Cursed be the person who oppresses the alien.' Can we forget that Christ himself was a migrant and a refugee, born in a stable? Under our laws, Mary, Joseph and Jesus would be sent to three different prisons."


Preacher Mom said...

You would not believe (or perhaps you would) the number of 'committed Christians' (or at least faithful church attendees) who see no corrolation between scripture like the one you cited (or Matthew 25) and the current immigration situation. Apparently the scriptures were written with US borders and immigration laws in mind.

davidinflorida said...


I need to find out what you are eating. You look pretty good for a man of 250 years. Or a least, thats your age on your profile.

I dont quite get your post. Jesus, Mary and Joeseph were not homeless, there just was not any more rooms in the city due to the census.

Charles said...


Thanks for catching the booboo in my profile - I fixed it!

The post is actually a quote and a link to an article about various views on immigration in the evangelical world. I caution you to not miss the forest because of the trees. Literally, you are correct about Jesus, Joseph and Mary. But it is still a fact that our nation that prides itself in its Judeo-Christian heritage blithely ignores a major tenet of that heritage that appears in hundreds of scripture references - hospitality to those from foreign lands.

The problem is not nearly as simple as your statement and my response, however. It's a very, very sticky wicket.

davidinflorida said...


I understand where you coming from. The problem is being ignored by most of the Church. I agree, it is very sticky.