Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Plan and a Partner #2

One of the things that made my old workout schedule successful was the coach that taught me how to use the machinery and then helped with a plan that made the best use of those machines.

What kept me on track, though, was having a friend to meet at the Y who worked out at the same time as I did. We enjoyed the fact that we shared in the pain and in the progress that came from the pain. We drove one another to higher goals. We enjoyed sharing in the reward of the muscle relaxing sauna and the rejuvinating pool. On the days when soreness or laziness whispered in my ear that it was alright to not go, the realization that I would be letting a friend down spoke a bit louder in the other ear reminding me that he was depending on me to be there. The joy of the relationship provided the extra motivation I needed to remember the higher purpose behind the hard task. In other words, I had a standing appointment and I was accountable to keep it.

Agree with a friend or loved one to follow a prayer plan. Consider using the plan at Celtic Prayer to see if it helps you as much as it helps me. Pray together or commit to check each other's faithfulness. Be a good enough friend to ask, "Have you prayed this morning?"

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