Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Nugget

I've been spending time in a book I purchased and read when I was in school at Southern Seminary 20+ years ago. Morton Kelsey was on campus as a guest lecturer in one of the many lecture series held each year. I remember he spent a good deal of time talking about Jung. I didn't really get it but his topic planted a seed of interest and I bought The Other Side of Silence: A Guide to Chistian Meditation. I read it, was intrigued by it, but was still much too immature and inexperienced in life to appreciate the true import and depth of some of his ideas.

There are some great nuggets worth sharing for deeper consideration, such as: (emphasis is added)

Being confronted by love means responding, giving back freely to the Other. And what can we possibly give to God -- that is ours to give -- in return for His love? St. Catherine of Siena was once asked this, and she wrote back that the only thing we can offer God of value to Him is to give our love to people as unworthy of it as we are of His love. Really meeting the God who is love means stepping willingly into the refining fire to be slowly remade and changed into the kind of love that one has confronted.

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