Monday, February 19, 2007

Stops along the way today

Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics, shares a word of hope for "bleeding heart pinko liberals" like me.

Internet Monk links to Drew Marshall, a Christian radio talk show host in Canada who holds nothing back about how he feels about the institutional church in North America.

I am planning on setting aside some time over the next couple of weeks to hear leading theological thinkers share from the 37th Trinity Institute National Theological Conference on the topic, God's Unfinished Future: Why It Matters Now.

There's a sermon illustration somewhere in this story.

There was a dust up in the White House briefing room last week between Ed Henry of CNN and Tony Snow. Evidently General Pace didn't get the talking points memo.

Chris Wallace of Fox News calls attention to a(nother) misrepresentation by a former Bush administration official.

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