Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Wish I'd Said This

Actually, I've often said something like this just not nearly as well as Internet Monk.

God is just as outraged, offended and wrathful at my pettiness, pride, laziness, lying, lust and gluttony as he is at my friend’s same sex relationship (if there is one.) The problem is, I LIKE my sins. Not as sin, but as behaviors that WORK for me just fine.

The whole article is here: Tim Hardaway and the Sin We Love To Hate


Cecdaddy said...

Hi Charles,

I really like your site, if for nothing else than the wonderful "itch" pictures every update. I appreciate your insight into many different areas, and I can appreciate your struggle with MS because my oldest brother has it, and I have seen him suffer through giving himself his regular treatments.

Thank you for linking this article. I think that attitude is in all of us, concerning liking our sins over others, and not just homosexuality. We have a church member whom I dearly love that will not come to worship because she struggles with a drug addiction. I don't blame her for not attending, I have heard too many people talk about her, unable to see their own sins at the same time. Of course, I am probably a bit more sympathetic to her because I could easily slip into an addiction if given the chance.

It is truly amazing how we behave, and yet, God does not wipe us off the earth, He does not chuck us into the trash, He continues to work with us and to forgive us. What an amazing God we serve!

Charles said...

Thanks for introducing yourself, cecdaddy.

I enjoyed reading your profile. I haven't taken the time to fill in all of the "favorites" on my profile but if I had, our favorite books list would be very similar. Another Orson Scott Card title that I highly recommend if you haven't gotten to it yet is "Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus"