Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Proposition vs. Relationship: A Parallel from Music

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Some of you may think I'm going nuts in my recent obsession with propositional faith vs. relational faith. Bear with me while I take a different tack on the same subject.

I have spent decades learning and practicing how to turn the words, dots and lines contained in this picture into this. I began with the basics, the fundamentals, if you will, notes, keys, clefs, markings and signs. Melody, harmony, consonance, dissonance, dynamics. All of these basics have allowed me over my lifetime to make music together with others who know or are learning these same basic rules. This is really all that is required to basically reflect what is printed on the page of music.

Some of us move beyond the basics into theory, form and analysis, counterpoint, music history and musicology. We've followed the puzzle deeper. Our understanding of the building blocks of music is more advanced. We have what it takes to be a music technician. Still, there is a radical difference between those who simply understand music and make music and musicians. That difference is, musicianship.

Musicianship steps beyond basic knowledge and even technical skill. Musicianship brings sensitivity to the performance of music - a sensitivity that is possible only when the musician enters into relationship with the music.

Most people, even non-musical people, can recognize instinctively the difference in the performance of a true musician as opposed to a technician...often without even being able to see the performance. The passion is evident in the ear and in the heart. Somehow, you know that they know what they are presenting. The music comes alive in ways that thrill or sadden, comfort or disturb, chill or warm. Technicians can make the sounds. Musicians bring the sounds to life.

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Brett said...

Here's a question that is important for your analogy: Can you learn musicianship or are you born with it?