Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free Markets Are Great When They're Really Free and Not Manipulated


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Anonymous said...

Hey Charles,

I'm sorry about your MS, and my wife and I will certainly pray for you. Take your time in responding ... if at all. Life can throw crap at us from time to time. We're here for you ... however we can help.

Just a couple of points about your cartoon, though. "Big" oil, yes is making "record" profits. Yet, is making a profit wrong? And if so, who has the completely unbiased and non-jealous mind to determine when enough is enough ... and be just and fair to everyone involved ... including "Big" oil?

Big oil makes anywhere from a mere 5 to 7 cents on every dollar in supposed profit. With everyone needing fuel ... and other things oil is used for (such as plastic)those 5 to 7 cents on the dollar will really pile up. Yet, ratio-wise Google makes a larger "profit".

Lastly, the cartoon mentions "greed." That is a very interesting epithet. What exactly is greedy about taking 93 to 95% of every dollar you make and paying taxes and doing research into more efficient means of production and in doing the search and procurement (drilling) of the gooshy stuff.

Government ... yes ... provides roads and stuff ... but ... and this is a big nasty butt that needs to be scratched (perhaps a picture for your blogitch page? Ha ha)... but the tax they place on "Big Oil" is not based on the product that is provided. Rather it is based on some rather arbitrary standard (you shouldn't make this much). What exactly does government do to help procure more oil? Yet ... it gets 18 to 20 cents on every dollar "Big Oil" "Makes". Are we really ready to say that government is efficient in how it spends its funds? Can we say oink oink in all the pork that is spent on some politician's monument to get him reelected?

If Big Government is arbitrary now in its taxation on "Big" oil, wait until a supposed windfall profits tax is levied on them. Please remember ... Big oil is not going to pay the tax. You and I will, when they pass it right along to you and I. Keep that in mind when we're paying $10 and $12 a gallon to pay for Obama's rather arbitrary windfall profits tax.

Yes, I agree the markets are not really free. Yet it is not so much the private sector clogs it up. Rather its the oinky, oinky government intervention.

Brother, I hope you do end up feeling better soon. We will pray for you.