Monday, August 18, 2008


UPDATE: The song I posted was "Healer" by Mike Guglielmucci. It was taken down from YouTube by Hillsong for copyright infringement. Sorry.

My sister's brain tumor. My mother's Meniere's Disease. A new friend's shattered leg. My MS. All life altering assaults on the body that can threaten life altering assaults on the mind and the spirit of all in our circle of love and living.

Mike Guglielmucci, a youth pastor and musician in Australia, recorded this song with Hillsong. The first video is Mike sharing the story behind the song and the second video is a service in which he lead a large gathering in singing it.

I hope that you find it as refreshing, encouraging and comforting as I have found it to be.


Preacher Mom said...

Thank you.

Morris said...

Bummer, man. It's gone.